Needs discovery

If you are considering new business software, then you could benefit from Proven Matters' needs discovery capability. This involves:

  • meetings with stakeholders to understand the current situation and as much as is known about the desired situation

  • a review of existing systems and processes

  • a hands-on view of existing work practices

The result of Proven Matters' needs discovery methodology is a summary of current practices and potential areas for change, along with preliminary cost/benefit/risk analysis of the proposed changes as compared with status quo.

Process documentation

Proven Matters can assist in process documentation that may be considered important for:

  • achieving a common understanding of what the organisation does and how it is done

  • explaining requirements to software vendors

  • education of people involved in the execution of processes

Vendor evaluation

Proven Matters can help to make sure that when you are evaluating software that the process is efficient, fair and objective. Proven Matters has intentionally remained vendor independent enabling us to provide a genuine purchaser's advocacy service. Proven Matters can provide any or all of:

  • an evaluation project plan

  • suggested Request For Information (RFI) questions to ask

  • the complete RFI

  • help to identify assessment criteria and assign weightings

  • suggested Request For Proposal (RFP) questions to ask

  • the RFP response format

  • the complete RFP

  • documentation of presentation scenarios

  • a list of questions for reference customers

  • a final assessment report

  • the final business case

Software Evaluation