Our Clients Come First

Seeking to "partner" with our clients

Our services are designed to assist you to realise the vision of your organisation. Our aim is not to develop your business strategies but rather to partner with you, providing services not easily provided internally, thereby assisting you to realise your objectives in an efficient and cost effective fashion.

Where we are advising on whether to proceed with a given project, we quantify expected hard benefits and costs, and provide a description of soft benefits, costs and risks for each potential approach. We provide early warning if we believe a project can not be made to work economically.

Delivering measurable payback
Providing truly objective advice

Proven Matters is proud of its independence and remains committed to our clients' objectives. We will not participate in activities that potentially compromise our clients.

If a conflict of interest arises, we will immediately advise any affected client.

Our willingness to share risk and reward

We are willing to reduce or eliminate our fees for a pre-agreed share of benefits.

Seeking focussed/tightly defined assignments

Our desire is to clearly define assignments, execute quickly and effectively, then move on to the next assignment.

This focus on getting the job done will give our clients the most value for money, as we have no desire to extend assignments unless that course of action truly enhances the value to our clients.

Managing our clients' expectations

Proven Matters will provide a written statement of services for every assignment. This must be agreed to before work can begin. This is to ensure both parties have the same expectations about the assignment.

Any potential change in the scope of an assignment will be raised immediately, and a course of action will be agreed with you.