Proven Matters assists organisations in the development and implementation of organisational change management programs.


We ensure that:

  • the right stakeholders are involved in consultation leading up to and throughout the change

  • the right stakeholders have the right information to make decisions leading up to, during, and after the change

  • stakeholders are motivated to change

  • stakeholders are able to sustain the change

  • confidence is restored as the organisation transitions into business-as-usual after the change

  • the benefits for the change are realised


We have experience in a variety of organisational change projects from the implementation of new software through to restructures and organisation realignment.


We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to facilitate the organisation’s transition from their current state to their future state. Importantly we work to ensure that all stakeholders feel ownership in the transition and are thereby motivated to see a positive outcome.

Organisational Change Management